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What is the structure of the course?

I will be teaching a one-hour class once a week for 4 weeks. Each class will be split up into different topics. 

1st week: I will go into depth on how to choose your product. I will also talk about different website makers and the advantages of each one.

2nd and 3rd week: I will go into extreme depth on how to advertise your product. I will also go into which platforms it are best to advertise on.

4th week: I will go into depth about how to make your dropshipping business last through good customer service.

How much does the course cost?

The answer to this question is quite simple. It is only 5 dollars to get a month-long course.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, there are no hidden fees. There are no more expensive courses or extra add-ons that cost much more. This course is only 5 dollars. I do this because I want to give this information out at an affordable price.

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